About Us

I wanted to be a parent myself before taking over the reigns from Mum so that I could speak to parents and say ‘I understand, I am a parent too’. This gives me the opportunity to relate to parents on a more personal level”.


Nannies of Noosa, a prestigious Nanny Agency & Baby-Sitting Service was established in 1992 by Gail Russell-Baker a mother craft nurse and mother of four. Gail has recently retired and Nannies of Noosa is now owned by Roxanne Rennie, Gail’s daughter. Roxanne has been trained by Gail in how to run the prestigious Nanny Agency and of course Gail is still available for consultation. Roxanne brings a refreshing, younger approach to Nannies of Noosa and now Sth. East Qld..

Roxanne is a parent, has been a Nanny herself and understands the needs of both parents and children. Before starting her own family, Roxanne was a manager of approximately 40 staff before making the decision to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Roxanne is lucky enough to have such beautiful staff to not only assist with your childcare needs but her own.

Respected Baby-Sitting Agency, Nannies of Noosa, still offers qualified, professional, experienced care for children. Many parents were missing their chance to “get away from it all”, or just have a “sanity-break”.

Demand for Child Care in Noosa

Nannies of Noosa was quickly formed as the need for qualified child-care became very apparent in Noosa. In a very short time, more qualified ladies were hired to help with the demand for baby-sitting from the tourist population, as well as the locals from the Noosa area.